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What do you get when you combine two strong women  filled with Beauty passion and determination?

You get a … steel 



As these two lifelong friends, Yolanda Tillman and Tina Mangiaracina come together to create this Luxury spa this is how it unfolds…

Made of Steel, Inc. was introduced in 2009 where it began for Yolanda as an entrepreneur selling jewelry and athleisure wear. Always striving to utilize her creativity to build a business had finally come to fruition.In June of 2020, Yolanda partnered up with Tina to pursue and execute this dream. Tina’s business background, drive & determination made this the perfect partnership. 

Steel Beauty, Inc. was created. 

Yolanda’s vision was to combine beauty and fitness in one location, a place where a woman can go to be pampered & unwind; a bride can go to get wedding ready or a fitness competitor can go to get competition prepped. At Steel Beauty we offer you all of this and more by the best in the industry. Our goal is to provide you with high quality service in a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Work – Sweat – Inspire – Beauty

“Only the Strong Survive”


Steel Beauty Luxury Spa & Boutique


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